Traditionally spring ONAFT held student conferences. Thus, under the interuniversity scientific student conference April 1, 2016 hosted the first conference of student section of business management.

O.O. Melikh, scientific director of the conference, together with the Secretary N.V. Buryachenko started the conference with warm greetings participants and guests of the conference. Bright accompanied the presentation of the report of participants – bachelors and masters full-time and distance learning. Sophisticated reports the order allowed the audience to follow the development of the food business of solving the simplest of small businesses to solve problems of national food industry nationally. Students bachelors Tatyana Fedorova Victoria Minin and Andriy Derkach (leader Assoc. Melikh O.O.) cited interesting study on the confectionery business, namely the production of confectionery decorations, cookies “pasta”, candy, etc., and the possibility of their implementation in Ukraine. We emphasize that the presentation covered not only the usual “economic” tables, graphs and charts, but also historical data and pictures, videos on modern manufacturing processes, accompanied by beautiful music and aroused genuine interest in the audience.

Students graduate Alla Lyanna (leader Assoc. Svystun T.V.) and Anna Dvurechenska (leader Assoc. Basyurkina N.I.) presented their research on the development and regulation of the fruit and vegetable canning business, including social projects of baby food and development projects new businesses.

The conference ended with a solemn awarding certificates of the participants. Guests conference – students of economics, business and control, even konspektuvaly useful materials, and after the official part of a cup of delicious coffee quality domestic confectionery, happy to communicate with speakers and discussed the most acute problems of food businesses in Ukraine with the lecturer of Business Administration .