Department pays great attention to research work, the results of which, due to project-oriented approach, just take out the wide practical application.

The department formed a scientific school “Management businesses of Ukraine in  transformational economic conditions”, which is reinforced by the master’s program “Business Management”. Teachers of the department have prepared a series of new innovative courses focused within this specialization.

According to the scientific theme of the department – “The development of businesses in the agricultural sector of Ukraine in a transformational economic conditions” – continues the publication of scientific articles, teaching aids and participation in communication events for publication and discussion of proposals for improving the mechanism of management of the organization and the development of effective administrative decisions in actual market environment. Within this scientific theme the Department is research, scientific, educational and organizational work and publishing.

PhD thesis:

Basiurkina Nataliya Iosifovna- November 20, 2015

Layko Olexander Ivanovich – October 20, 2015

Melikh Olena Oleksandrivna – December 25, 2015.