Protection of complex projects

Traditionally protection degree of complex projects involving masters department “Business Management” held in March 2017. This time, joint projects were implemented with the departments: technologies of bread, confectionery, pasta and food concentrates; Technology of restaurant and health food; Biotechnology, canned foods and beverages.

Dvurechenskaya Anna (Head of the Department of Business Administration – Doctor of Economic Sciences Basyorkina N.Y.) in the framework of a complex diploma project with the Department of Technology of Bread, Confectionery, Pasta and Food Concentrates, performed work on the theme “Development and assessment of the investment attractiveness of the project Introduction into the production of bakery products using the technologies of delayed baking at LLC “Odessa Karavai”. The main advantages of the technology are: non-waste production; No refunds from partners; Absence of unrealized products; Availability of a guaranteed reserve with an unpredictable increase in demand; Getting rid of the development of potato bacillus; Saving energy consumption production. The defense took place at the company “Odessa Karavai”.

Reminaya Elizaveta (Head of the Department of Business Administration – Candidate of Economic Sciences Krupina SV) within the framework of an integrated thesis project with the Department of Biotechnology, Canned Food and Beverages, performed work on the topic “Commercial analysis and calculation of the economic efficiency of the technology development project Fruit and berry drinks from fresh raw materials “. The aim of the economic part of the integrated master’s work was to assess the economic efficiency and investment attractiveness of the construction of a plant for the production of nectars and jams in the village of Zapson, Berehovsky district of the Transcarpathian region.

Also, three complex diploma projects were held with the Department of Restaurant and Healthy Nutrition Technology (head of the Department of Business Management – cv.Svistun TV).

Fedorchuk Alla performed work on the topic “Managing the project of creating a procurement enterprise for organizing the work of school canteens in Odessa.” The urgency of this work is that today the issue of providing and catering for children in educational institutions remains one of the most urgent and deserves special attention. The development of the project of the enterprise for the organization of the work of school canteens is caused by the need to create conditions for preserving the health of children, increasing the level of catering, providing schoolchildren with rational and high-quality nutrition, introducing new technologies for cooking food and forms of service for students in general education schools, and ensuring proper, environmentally friendly food.

Dgendgero Nataliae presented a paper on the theme “Management of the project for the development of the Laguna café in the village. Vilkovo. ” The purpose of the work was to assess the investment attractiveness of the development project for the Laguna cafe in the town of. Vilkovo, by including this institution in the tourist program of excursions to the “Ukrainian Venice”.

Tuz Catherine performed work on the topic “Evaluation of the investment attractiveness of the project for the production of frozen flour culinary semifinished products with laminaria.” The relevance of this work was to propose a mechanism for presenting innovative developments of scientific institutions to existing enterprises that may be interested in their implementation.

All the works received excellent marks and positive testimonials from the examination commissions. Masters who took part in complex projects noted that the work in the team was interesting and useful from the point of view of the experience gained in solving production tasks.

The Department of  Business Administration is ready to solve new joint creative projects with the departments of the Academy!