Our graduates

Our graduates are specialists and masters in the specialty ” Business, trade and exchange activities” – have a broad scope of knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • In the production of enterprises of any sphere of economy (industry, transport, agriculture, trade, services and etc.).
  • In research and design of technology parks, research institutes, design bureaus, etc.;
  • In the management of enterprises and public authorities (local authorities, city and regional administrations, etc.);
  • In educational activities (teachers of economic direction) and others.

Our graduates get qualification for realization of own business-projects, managements by own business in  agroindustrial sector, in the field of production and realization of food products, hotel-restaurant business, system of public food consumption, tourism, trade etc.

Our graduating students have a right to hold positions :

  • leader of food enterprise
  • leader of large agroindustrial structure
  • leader of trading company
  • leader of hotel-restaurant complex, cafe, bar
  • leader of tourist organization
  • leader of enterprises of small business
  • expert on external economic questions
  • economic adviser
  • analyst on questions of market research
  • specialist of business planning
  • consultant on a management by business